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Apple TV’s Ted Lasso turns a viral video into a pretty good sitcom

The clip was popular on YouTube, receiving 14 million views, and NBC Sports brought back Lasso, played by Jason Sudekis, for a sequel a year later. Then, half a decade later, Apple paid for a first 10-episode series created by Sudekis, Brendan Hunt, writer Joe Kelly and sitcom superb Bill Lawrence – the figure behind scrubs, Spin City and Cougar Town.

The series retains the basic premise but builds a lot of detail, with Lasso now a college football coach parachuting to revive Richmond FC in the effort. The new owner of the club is the former owner̵

7;s wife (played by Hannah Waddingham, better known as Game of Thrones’ shame nun), who won business in resolving divorce. And her decision to hire a coach knows nothing of the US is more intentional than it seems.

In the first three episodes, which Apple made available for preview, Lasso finds himself in front of the press and then in the league season. The club is struggling in the middle of the table with a demoralized, fracturing team that does not respect Lasso’s lack of knowledge. Add in a hostile press and behind-the-scenes drama and there’s plenty for Lasso to solve.

Thankfully the show is hilarious, with a rather loud, hilarious smile rising as the show gains momentum. Many of the best lines from the pilot are cribs straight from NBC’s first trailer, and I wondered if the outfits would stop soon after that. Thankfully, as soon as the show expands its focus towards the wider world and into the club’s odd list, it gets faster.

In early 2019, there was a rumor claiming that the Apple leadership was unhappy with the content of the shows it was buying. Anonymous insiders claimed that CEO Tim Cook went on to say that the shows could not be “so understandable” as part of a push for family-friendly awards. Of course, Ted Lasso exists as a very vocal rejection of any suggestion that Apple was playing it safe.

Most castes are English and display the kind of dialogue loaded with stupidity that is taken for granted here. It is also quite understandable, with a large part of the crew openly hostile to Lasso and to each other. Richmond is a leafy suburb of London, full of one percent, but even his kids aren’t desperate to call Lasso a wanker every time they see him, at least at first.

This is, perhaps, an issue I can see with it loop: Tony is all over the country, with Sudekis playing Lasso as a magic saver and abandoning the full force of his mid-western charm. Everyone else, meanwhile, is swearing and supporting each other as they try to rule the cut-off world of football. Imagine throwing JD from scrubs, complete with his comment “I learned something today” in Seinfeld or Always sunny, you know?

The list of viral commercials and videos that enjoyed a successful second life is not long, especially if you discount the Ernest franchise. In the internet viral era, there were, uh Cavemen (drawn mid-season) and Baby Bob (his second season burned by CBS over the summer). In fact, the Apple TV + i commission Ted Lasso does is the most successful ad-to-sitcom translation almost by default. And if it takes a second season, then you can say a lot that it is the standard bearer for all the other shows in its genre.

There is another issue that may need calling, and that is Apple’s product placement policy. Now, when Apple announced that it would start making TV shows, I wondered if any show would exist in a magical world where Samsung had stalled in selling fish. This would have strained reliability in (co-produced by Ubisoft) Mythical search, as game developers are much more married to PCs. And, fortunately, the show actually used Razer cars (rival PCs) instead of the MacBook Pro.

Ted Lasso do not shy away from this bullet and everyone in the world of show fiction has a penchant for brand new iMacs. Everyone arrives around a new, pristine iPhone 11 and each pair of headphones has the Beats “b” signature on the side. Oh, and someone uses Syria to make a phone call, because that’s something we all do, right? I get this but also more like it as Sony became very hot and cumbersome with the placement inside Casino Royale, you really notice how apples everything is.

Beyond that, though, I can’t wait to see the rest of the series when it debuts on August 13th. If you are worried that you will be too focused on football, you do not need to, it is quite easy for all the obstacles to see, and when they talk, they mostly use US friendly terms.

Random observations:

  • When a reporter at the press conference announced that he was working for The Sun, the rest of the room quietly gathered. The Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper slandered the victims of the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster in which 96 people lost their lives. To date, the newspaper has dealt with war in several football circles and the city of Liverpool has held a 30-year boycott of the paper. Definitely not the kind of thing that awaits you from a predominantly American TV show, but it is welcome.

  • The show has put a lot of effort into hiding which real Premier League stadium plays host to Richmond FC. Most football fans will be able to tell that it is Selhurst Park, the home of Crystal Palace, the team that Richmond plays in the second episode.

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