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Baker Mayfield says ‘I lost myself’ in the Browns chaos last season

Browns viewer Baker Mayfield said Friday that he is in better shape both physically and mentally, and he admitted to losing his way and doubting himself last year amid chaos in Cleveland.

“To be successful throughout high school and college and to have that standard so high, and the past two years have been just an emotional companion role and not nearly as successful as I learned,” said Mayfield, who won the Heisman Trophy. in Oklahoma in 2017 and was the No. 1 overall choice in the 2018 draft. “So I would say I lost myself, not having that success, not discovering what was working. I think I tried different ways to try to have that success, and I did not find it.

“So I lost myself in it and I was not able to be who I am [need to be] for these guys on the team “.

After breaking the NFL rock record with 27 touching passes in 201

8, Mayfield struggled in his second season. He threw 22 touch passes but was tapped 21 times, and the much-hyped Browns crashed the stretch on the way to a 6-10 finish. As a result, both Kitchen coach Freddie and general manager John Dorsey were fired, paving the way for the Browns to hire first-year coach Kevin Stefanski and GM for the first time Andrew Berry.

After fighting over weight issues last year, Mayfield appeared at the training camp last week after gaining 4 pounds of lean mass while cutting body fat, according to Berry, who noted that Mayfield reached “scary shape” “.

“I think there have been a lot of shows – looking back last year – physically, I was not able to work that hard, being beaten. So I was heavier than I had ever played before,” Mayfield said. , who twice had to temporarily leave games with separate injuries to his hand and wrist. “… I needed to be able to have the ability to move in my pocket. It’s not my job to be in the first physical shape, to show up and do my work on Sundays.”

Mayfield said he used a dietitian this season, with an emphasis on “reducing bad body weight” to be faster in and out of pocket. He said the silver lining of the virtual offseason and being away from the team facility due to the coronavirus pandemic was that he was able to put more concentration to get to where he wanted to be mentally and physically before the camp took place. .

“I’m in a much better condition,” Mayfield said. “I did it at work. … [I’m] just ready to roll, attack, get back to where I need to be the leader for this team, for this franchise. “The reason I got here is because I was myself, I was able to attack every day with 100 percent effort.”

Mayfield said overcoming the difficulties of the past, which included a two-time walk to college, at Texas Tech and then Oklahoma, has helped him work with the suspicion he showed up last year and rediscovering his self-confidence .

“I think it’s one of those things that I talked about with our team – you have to find that confidence. You have to find that confidence in yourself,” he said. “And this is what I have based my story on. My whole career is believing in myself and taking those chances.”

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