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Comparing the new Xbox Controller with the current Iteration

The last 48 hours have been filled with leaks as controllers for the next generation Xbox keyboard began to make their way into the hands of people outside the walls of Microsoft. Images and videos of these devices have been posted on almost every single social media platform.

As we know the controllers are a bit smaller when compared to the current generation controller, you can start to see how different the design is with this generation.

For starters, near the top of the controller, the design is flatter compared to the current layout with the area around the Xbox button no longer sloping or sloping towards the top. The shoulder buttons are also less defined in design with a less closed design near the edges of the controller.

And then there is a noticeable update to the D-pad model that is being transferred from the Elite controller and the new Share button as well.

Microsoft has also said that this controller is slightly smaller than the current generation. In the pictures, you can see the smallest trace, but keep in mind that at different angles, the size is difficult to compare directly.

When Microsoft first announced the controller, I was optimistic it would be another quality update for the hardware. While I have yet to see a person in person, these photos make the controller appear to be of lower quality than they look like they have lost some of their character and I am not even referring to the colors.

My hope is that this is only apparent but Microsoft has clearly backed away from some design elements with this iteration they may have lowered the cost of production to help increase margins.

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