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Horizon Zero Dawn is not working well on many computers

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screenshot: Kotaku

Horizon Zero Dawn’s release on PC is welcome, and is still a really good game, but as far as PC experiences go, for many people right now it is not exactly ideal.

I installed and paused the game over the weekend, excited to see what the game looked like on my new PC (i7-9700, RTX 2070 Super, which was waaaaaaaay above the recommended glasses). After a long automatic configuration process, it seemed amazing, but it also went like complete shit! I’m talking 20-30fps, with moments when the whole screen would just hang and stutter.

I’m always easily forgiving new games when this kind of thing happens, but this is a three year PS4 game that had no hasty release deadline framework (like the one that should come out on other systems at the same time ) to adhere to. It was both a surprise and a disappointment to see him released into this state, especially since the other major PS4 port of the year, Murder of Death, had looked so good and ran so well.

But that’s just me, and you can never say a PC game unequivocally “goes like shit” unless the same is true for many to people Which … is. The Digital Foundry review is critical, calling it a “disappointing port”, and you do not need to travel far on reddits or forums to find people complaining about game problems and poor performance.

What’s weird about this is that things are not bad on board. Some hardware configurations are going nicely, while other, more powerful systems may be in trouble.

I have the mention of a memory leak that is present is seen during the initial auto-configuration process, and that restarting the game once this can help adjust some of issues. I have noticed in subsequent sessions that performance had improved slightly, especially in cuts, but it is still nowhere near what I would expect.

Hopefully things don’t stay that way for long. An update to the game’s Steam page says the team “are aware that some players have been experiencing collisions and other technical issues”, and that investigating the cause of all these hiding is “their highest priority”.

When the game is going well, it looks amazing!

When the game is going well, it looks amazing!
screenshot: Kotaku

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