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How and when to look at that peak

The most popular meteor shower around is coming into the sky for the greatest performance it can collect – just for one night.

Not only will the Perseid meteor tonight have more than 60 meteors per hour – which is considered to be a large amount – but it will also include bright fires. The two are set to move extremely fast, making a wire that drops their jaws across the sky.

What is a Perseid meteor shower?

Perseids peak each year in mid-August, and thanks to its high-density, rapid meteors and fire movements paired with late summer weather, NASA has written that Perseids meteors – which are composed of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle ̵

1; “are considered the best meteor shower of the year”.

When is the Perseid meteor shower and at what time will it arrive?

Perseid meteors have been entering Earth’s sky since late July, but they will peak at dawn on Wednesday. Starting Tuesday at 9pm local time and continuing through the night until its peak after midnight, a spread of Perseids will be visible to the naked eye. For the grand shower finale, NASA recommends curious lands to search from 2 a.m. and dawn, whenever it may be where you are.

Unfortunately, this year’s shower will be somewhat hampered by the fact that the Moon is currently in its final phase of the quarter. Its brightness will reduce the number of visible meteors to 15 to 20 per hour, despite the fact that more than 60 will shoot from. Only the brightest fireballs and meteors will emerge in the strong glow of the Moon.

Where and how can I see it?

The shower will take place all over the sky and can be seen all over the world. NASA actually recommends that you do not use telescopes or binoculars to test Perseids, as they limit the field of view.

Instead, the space agency says the best way to see intergalactic light show up is to hope the night will not be cloudy, find a place away from bright lights, lie on your back, keep your eyes peeled fit in the dark for about 30 minutes (this includes doing your best not to use your phone or other turned on technology) and search.

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