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It took less than five minutes in the 15th season of HBO’s NFL reality series “Knocks Hard” for the 2020 reality’s sinking to sink.

Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn zoomed in on his laptop computer and sent shocking news to his players.

“I can not promise you will not get infected. … I got infected,” said Lynn, 51.

Entering his fourth season at the helm of Chargers, Lynn used his positive coronavirus test as a motivating tool for his players.

“Be patient, man. Be patient. Fellas, this year is not like any year we have had in the National Football League,” Lynn said. “There will be chaos. It will change and it will come every day. Goals, objectives will not change.

“I’ve talked to some people who said they’re sick of this virus. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Let me tell you something, you are not promised next year. You are not promised tomorrow. What I want to do is to want to limit your exposures.

“But when that bounce hits, let’s kick someone’s ass and play football. One team will do it better than the other 31. Trust me. It could be us too. So get ready for the chaos. Embrace it. “Because if we play, the team that handles this the best will have the best chance of winning that trophy.”

Later in the episode, Lynn offers more details about the symptoms he was experiencing in a meeting with Chargers team psychologist Dr. Herb Martin. Lynn says he is coughing a little and his body is aching. He said he was watching golf and one of the players withdrew from the tournament due to body aches.

Lynn, of course, was referring to PGA Tour player Denny McCarthy, who retired from the Traveler Championship on June 26th. McCarthy also tested positive for COVID-19.

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Here are other highlights from the first episode of “Tough Knocks” with Chargers and Rams:

The Miami Marlins situation was in front of my mind

Coaches from both the Chargers and the Rams pulled the situation around Marlins, who had 15 players and two staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

“You see some of these other professional sports teams going right away. Look no further than Marlins. I hate to see him. I love the sport,” Rams director Sean McVay said as he addressed his team. “But things happen when you do not make good decisions outside the ecosystem or arena we have laid out here.”

Players are being tested every day. Coaches and players are wearing face masks. Meetings are socially distanced. The cupboards were distributed. The NFL seems to be taking this pandemic seriously.

Jalen Ramsey not talking about his contract

The Rams’ Jalen Ramsey is one of the league’s top strikers. And the Rams invested heavily to acquire him, trading three draft elections – including two first-round selections – at the Jacksonville Jaguars to take on Ramsey, who won his third Pro Bowl run in 2019.

Ramsey is still playing on his rookie contract, and will become an unlimited free agent without an extension.

“My agent and the front office will handle everything,” Ramsey told reporters.

He repeats it in a row several times.

Clearly tired of talking about his contract situation, he leaves a Zoom phone call with reporters, but later returns.

“I do not worry about (contracts),” says Ramsey. “I’m worried about football. I’m worried about other things in my life.”

Moments later in the show, and down the road at the Chargers’ facility, defensive end Joey Bosa begins on his record-setting contract that made him the highest paid defender in the league.

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