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Owner Prius catalytic converter stolen twice in 2 months

Q: The catalytic converter was just stolen from my ’07 Prius for the second time in two months – and it took almost three weeks to get the part to fix it the first time because this is happening to so many people.

Alison Hyde, Palo Alto

A: You poor soul. Twice in two months.

Q: EBay has thousands of lists of catalytic converters used. Is there any chance that the state will shrink from selling them online?

Alison Hyde

A: No. It is legal to sell converters online. This is not the problem. These thefts occur in older Prius cars built up to 201

1 due to the increase in the value of the precious metals found in hybrid converters. They are targeted because they have two energy sources – an electric motor and a gas motor – so their converters are used less frequently to process pollutants. This means that the metals inside them are less likely to corrode, so they are more valuable and, therefore, more desirable to thieves.

Although it is illegal to pay for scrap in cash, illegal scrap traders will pay $ 200 to $ 500 for each converter. Repairs can range from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

Q: Is there any chance Toyota will confess that they got drunk, ordered a tow and installed that $ 300 protective metal plate that was supposed to be there in the first place? How on earth did they stamp the VIN number on the most valuable and easy to steal in the car?

Next time I buy a car I will ask is how tangible is this because it is not fun. Have any of your readers installed those boards and still their catalytic converter stolen?

Alison Hyde

A: Not in newer models. The brain repair shops will attach a 3/8 inch thick wire rope from the discharge manifold back to the resonator on both sides. Thieves rarely take these converters out.

There is a $ 225 product called Cat Security. It is a shield that rises to the end of a Prius, which blocks the entrance to the car. There are also cheaper, general cable locking solutions to put a lock on your converter.

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