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Pelicans, Kings eliminated from post-season squabbles, Damian Lillard drops 51 to 76ers among top jets

The NBA is more than halfway through its seeds, and with each passing day, the post-season picture becomes a little clearer. In the East, it is only a matter of positioning, but in the West, the last place still remains for robberies. Two teams were officially eliminated from the brawl on Sunday, but there are still four teams vying for that final point, which will now be finally determined by a series of play-offs between the eighth and ninth seed in the conference.

Also, injury issues continued to injure an Eastern Conference contender, and an All-Star guard was thrown back in a big way after a disappointing show Saturday. Here are the top four interventions from Sunday̵

7;s NBA action.

1. The Pelicans, the Kings were eliminated from the quarrel after the season

Play-off hopes for both the New Orleans Pelicans and the Sacramento Kings ended on Sunday. With the Trail Blazers victory over the 76ers, both teams were officially eliminated from the playoffs. The four teams still competing for last place in the playoffs in the West are the Grizzlies, Blazers, Spurs and Suns.

The Grizzlies still hold a slim lead in the race for eight, but all three of these teams are within two Memphis games with two games left for each team. According to ESPN, the Grizzlies have a 62 percent chance of securing the final seed in the play off picture. Whichever team eventually wins last place in the West will face LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers, who secured the best share in last week’s conference.

2. Western Conference play series guaranteed

With their 108-99 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday, the Grizzlies guaranteed that a play-off series would take place. To trigger such a series, the team with the ninth in the conference must finish within four matches of the eighth seed when the seed plate is complete. This is mathematically guaranteed to happen now.

The idea of ​​a play-off series for last place at a conference was added by the NBA before the start of the season. The idea behind the series was for teams to hunt in a hunt a fair opportunity to compete for the place, even though they would not have the full list of 82 games to do so. In the series, the eight-team team will only have to win once in order to claim the last place of the playoffs in the conference, while the ninth team in a row will have to win two in a row before the eight-team team winner to win once.

3. Dame time

Dame Lillard had an uncharacteristic moment on his part on Saturday, as he missed two free throws in the closing moments of Portland’s game against the Clippers, and as a result, the Blazers continued to lose the game. The loss was particularly hard to swallow given the fact that the Blazers are fighting for a bed after the season. Lillard won it on Sunday, though, as it went absolutely nuclear against the Sixers and, in turn, led the Blazers to a much-needed victory. Lillard finished the game with 51 points and seven assists. It was the 10th performance with 50 points from his career and the fifth of this season.

When Lillard will go just as he did on Sunday night, he is nearly impossible to stop, and after all the Sixers were flat able to do so. Lillard seems determined to give Portland the best possible chance of entering the post-season season, so don’t be surprised if he has another big game before the league seed list ends.

4. injury issues continue to injure 76ers

Sixers may not seem to be reaching a vacation in Orlando. Earlier this week it was announced that Ben Ben Simmons ahead would leave the bubble to undergo knee surgery, and he is expected to miss the rest of the season as a result. Thus, the Sixers got into their game with the Blazers on Sunday night already down an All-Star, and in the first quarter of the competition they lost another All-Star. After landing with difficulty under the basket, Joel Embiid left the game and never returned. Instead, he was ruled out with an injury to his left leg. Embiid finally turned to the Philadelphia side, and he seemed to be in a strong spirit. The Sixers did not have an update on Embiid after the game, but an update on his status is likely to be provided in the near future. Clearly, the Sixers will be hoping to restore their center before the post-season game begins on August 17th.

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