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Shelton Lynn that Marc Maron knew

Was there another dynamic in “Sword of Trust,” which, though it starred in it, was ultimately her film?

At the time, we were struggling with feelings that were deeper than creativity and friendship. She was separated [from her husband, the host and actor Kevin Seal] and the tension had become stronger. We would have worked with a script for years and we just weren’t doing it. It’s like, “I’m going to write you a movie.” I’m like, “Yeah, okay, sure.” And she did. She and Mike O’Brien came up with an idea – she decided, because she went through a pawn shop, for me to become the owner of a department store, and she wanted it in existence.

What was the daily experience like in the movie?

I was weird and awkward. It was hot there [in Birmingham, Ala.]. I felt fat. It was very scary for me because I was set on a lot of monster improvisers. And after a day or two, I told Lynn, if you do not support them, I will be this dumb man directly in a bunch of very tall characters. I will be filled with resentment and will not be able to ease into this. And Lynn made an interesting choice to act in that movie [as the troubled ex-girlfriend of Maron’s character]. She scenes when she comes to block that ring [chokes up], the emotions were real. It’s really that Lynn keeps me open, which is something she did in real life too. After she got to a point where she had resolved a few things in her relationship and we were able to accept a real love for each other, I actually told her – here was a drama – I said, “Look, if we do not try this, whatever happens here, I will regret the rest of my life. “And so, we did.

Were you reluctant to admit your relationship to the podcast?

A lot of time passed and I learned a lot of lessons about it. My audience has gone through some relationships with me. When you talk about someone, they do not have a voice in it. So choose what you are doing there. Once Lynn and I were able to start looking at each other, we kept a low profile for three to six months and then she started to ease into the conversation. I think she was getting bored with him. It was like, “When can we be who we are? Enough already. ”And I’m like,” Yes, you’re right. ” This quarantine was not the biggest situation, but it speeded things up. This enabled us to double our time together. She had moved all her things down here and we were together all the time. We were cooking and talking and eventually started working on the script again.

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