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The Galaxy Note 20 does not come with headphones and that is a good thing


The new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra packs a lot of new features. But her box is missing something important.

James Martin / CNET

When you buy one Note Galaxy 20 or Note 20 Ultra you may notice that the box feels a little lighter than normal. No, it is not the new plastic return to the Note 20 that is causing that easy feeling. The current reason is that Samsung no longer includes a pair of wired headphones in its top phone cases. Rest and let it sink. Are you angry? Are you indifferent? Do you even use the included headphones that come with your phone? Is this a termination of agreements for you?

The news of the release of Samsung headphones comes to the ears of rumors that Apple will not include headphones or a power adapter in the box of the other iPhone, aka iPhone 12. If this is too extreme for you, Samsung still includes a charger in the box.

There is a “seed in the box” section on the Note 20 website that is missing from any headset. Samsung confirmed that all of this is true and that it will not include wired headphones in the box for phones sold in America. North.

To quote Kent Brockman from The Simpsons when he thought space ants were invading Earth, “I, for one, welcome our new insect watchers.”

It is great that the new Galaxy Note 20 phones release headphones out of the box. Think about how much electronic waste this will minimize. Samsung could become a model for other phone makers, who will hopefully follow suit. Earth is not really designed to handle annual phone updates.

Here is my attempt to answer all your questions about the missing Samsung headphones.

Look at this:

First Look: Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra


Really comes with less?

I know people will regret paying $ 1000 plus (that’s $ 50 more than last year’s Note 10) for a phone that comes with fewer things. In a physical sense there are fewer things in the box, which again can be beneficial to the environment.

However, I would argue that both the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra come with more. You get 5G, a screen with high refresh rate (Ultra only), a faster processor, better telephoto camera, longer support for OS updates, higher resolution video, Gorilla Glass Victus (Ultra only), a faster S-Pen and larger screens.

Are you getting less value?

It does not help that for years, Samsung made a point of underlining the $ 99 value of its “included” headphones. So if last year’s Note 10 cost $ 950, shouldn’t Grade 20 cost $ 851?

It depends on how much you appreciate the improvements and new features I mentioned earlier. As we have seen with other phones this year, like the Galaxy S20 line and the OnePlus 8 line, 5G phones cost more. At least they act now.


Notice anything missing? Fortunately, a charger is still included in the box with the Galaxy Note 20.


Do you really need another pair of free headphones’?

I will challenge you to look around your home, in your car, bags or office (if you are lucky enough to get into it now). You may already have a pair of wired headphones that can work.

But this is a little more complicated. You need a pair of headphones with a USB-C connector. Last year, Samsung eliminated the headphone jack from the Note 10. So even if you have headphones lying around, chances are they have a 3.5 mm headphone jack and will not be compatible with the new Note phones. Also, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra do not come with a headphone jack for USB-C dongle.

I do not live in North America, why do I care?

You make a good point. If you do not live in North America, you have nothing to worry about. Samsung will continue to include a pair of wireless headphones with a USB-C connector in the box.


If you need a pair of USB-C headphones that will work with the new Galaxy Note Ultra new, Samsung will send you a pair for free.

James Martin / CNET

If I do not have a USB-C headset what do I want to do?

Samsung has its back. If you need a pair of USB-C wired headphones, Samsung customer service will provide you with a free pair. The company will even cover transportation and handling.

What about Bluetooth headsets?

This is what Samsung is hoping people will choose, I swear. Not only is the wire gone, but you can use a pair of Bluetooth earphones across your devices. A pair of cordless headphones like new Galaxy Buds Live (nicknamed “Galaxy Beans”) cost $ 170. This is definitely much more than free. But you will most likely carry a pair of wireless earplugs longer than a cordless freebie.

Keep in mind, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra can work with a number of Bluetooth headsets and earphones. Actually, read this list of the best big wireless ears. If you are looking to save money, check out this list Best Cheap Cheap Wireless Ears, in which the most expensive option is $ 52.

I’m out of questions, what should I do next?

Look at ours ongoing review of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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