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The Horizon Zero Dawn PC code shows signs of being a debit build

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port started a few days ago and fans have been wondering why it crashes so often – one person took a closer look and was not happy with what they found.

The news comes from Reddit, where an anonymous programmer shared their findings after investigating the game’s “dump files”.

“So, as a programmer myself, I got the freedom to investigate landfill files myself,” they wrote. “Let ‘s say the result is not very … promising.”

PC Horizon Zero Dawn

The poster continues to include an image of a line from the game code, which was painted at the exact point that it crashed.

“What this part of the code means is that the computer is trying to write the value to the right of the memory address to the left, the problem is, the specified memory does not exist,” they write. “The program is trying to enter address 0 directly, it will always crash the game, and it’s also a big NO.”

“I do not know how this happened, the program that has a 0 encoded as a memory address is clearly how poor this was done, no well-done (or just average) code would try to enter 0 as a reminder address, “I was a compiler problem, but I doubt it very much,” they added.

They continued to do a couple of edits as other people started engaging with the post, both of which reached the same conclusions.

“After a bit of investigating in a disassembler, I found 166 lines of the same instruction,” the edited post reads. “They are mainly used in memory handling and some non-existent correction functions (for some reason).”

“I’ve removed these instructions (removed them) and well, the game crashes less,” she continues. “Far from a real adjustment, I can not fix graphic issues, but at least it crashes every 30 minutes now, not 5.”

The post ends by stating that this is clearly a debug construction and should not have been sent. If you are curious, you can check out some Horizon Zero Dawn games for yourself.

Although fans were initially enthusiastic about how good the match looked, the constant clashes and performance issues quickly dampened that enthusiasm. These issues, as the Reddit post points out, are relatively well explained by the fact that this port may still have aspects of a construction debug attached to it.

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