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Unboxing and the initial impressions of the Samsung Chromebook 4+

Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+ came out some time ago, announced the whole way back in October last year. Theifti was never on our radar as their interns were simply too wild at a price too high to ever consider or recommend. For low-end Chromebooks, there were many other devices that just offered more money for less than these, so we never took the time to bring them into the office for a real look.

Fast forward to August 2020 and things are quite different than they were 10 months ago. With Chromebook sales through the roof and inventory being a bit slim when we find ourselves strongly in school mutilation, we have started to look at every possible option when recommending affordable Chromebooks to students. While we have not known for a long time, Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+, they are among the few affordable Chromebooks still available and still reasonably priced.

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While it was not a comprehensive summary, in this non-boxing I tried to form some quickly formed opinions so that you can make a choice for yourself if this is a Chromebook worth your money. Keep in mind that this device is currently hovering around $ 299 give or take and this may change quite a bit in the coming weeks. There are very few Chromebooks out there at this price right now, so a good device for this kind of money may be your only option right now.

Actually, I would say that is exactly what the Samsung Chromebook 4+ is: a good Chromebook for the money. The screen is larger at 15.6 inches, so it will be great for school, but the TN panel is bad like all other TN screens and the vertical viewing angles are weak with washed out colors, inverted. Anti-gloss and bright gloss, but not good to look at. ->

The keypad and keyboard are pretty good, though, and it makes a big difference in a handy Chromebook. Anything else that happens with this, save an aluminum lid and a slight raise on the keyboard deck when you fully open it. Unfortunately, this small riser only serves to highlight the lack of rigidity in the base and this Chromebook bends very easily when the screen is opened 90 degrees. Check out the video for example.

Inside, you get an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC storage. There is a 128 GB model in Samsung for the same money with student deals, so I would recommend grabbing it if it is at the same prices and still available. This combination will get you very good performance for a ‘cheap’ Chromebook and I was very pleased with the overall performance of the N4000 line of Intel chips this year. For students, there is nothing to worry about from a performance standpoint.

After all, the design aesthetic is very nice and you get a standard, handy network of ports (USB Type A, Type C, microSD, headset / microwave) all around. Speaking of it outside, the square edges look almost Pixelbook-esque and the Chromebook really looks the part from a few feet away. You get what you pay for, nonetheless, and it feels unacceptably affordable. Again, when it is on the table in your kitchen taking on some down tasks, a plastic body will not matter in one way or another.

We certainly hope this post and video helps you decide whether or not this Chromebook is for you. It’s a tough time to be in the market for a Chromebook and we want to help as much as possible right now. Ultimately, the Samsung Chromebook 4+ will make a Chromebook stable at its regular price. Getting up a little further I would have a hard time saying someone has to buy it, but given the times, I’m telling you to go fast if you need an affordable and affordable Chromebook .

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