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WhatsApp iPad app awaiting proper support for many devices

It’s been more than a year since we first heard that an official WhatsApp iPad app was up and running – along with a Mac as well – but so far nothing has been achieved. A new report today may explain this.

We last clarified the rather messy situation with the Mac and iPad… apps

It is currently possible to use WhatsApp for Mac, but it is not ideal. The application can no longer be used on its own, requiring a wireless connection to your phone. All incoming and outgoing messages are transmitted through your iPhone.

The situation is even worse on the iPad. There is no official WhatsApp app at all, requiring us to use those of third parties performing the same relaying scam through an internet-based API (I use WhatsApp Messaging on iPad).

And the iPhone app can only be transferred to one device at a time, so you can̵

7;t use it on your iPad and Mac at the same time.

That’s a must-have on the web or phone, which the company is apparently addressing, according to a new report from WABetaInfo. There is a one-time synchronization process, and all incoming messages will be sent to all of your devices, just like Apple’s iMessage service.

WhatsApp is working on the ability to use the same account on different devices. Actually they are testing the feature in order to work with 4 devices at the same time.

When the user wants to use WhatsApp on a second device, there is a need to copy the chat history. In this case WhatsApp always requires a Wi-Fi connection because it can use a large amount of your data plan

Once WhatsApp has safely copied the chat history to the second device, it will finally be possible to use your account from it. Note that each message will be sent to all your family devices, so your chat history will always be synced across platforms.

WhatsApp has also developed an iPad app, which will come out after activating the feature, so you will be able to use WhatsApp on your iPhone and iPad at the same time.

There’s also a question mark, but one that won’t affect Apple’s ecological ones: whether you can perform the initial sync between iOS and Android devices, for those using a mix of the two. Both platforms currently have different database structures, which provides a barrier to synchronization. However, WABetaInfo says the company is working on converting the iOS format to match the Android one, to enable cross-platform synchronization.

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