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Why did Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft split up in ‘The Bachelor’?

Before the star of Bachelor Nation Arie Luyendyk Jr. rejected his last choice, Becca Kufrin, for his candidate, Lauren Burnham, had the infamous Jason Mesnick split with Melissa Rycroft. In 2009, Mesnick chose to end his engagement to Rycroft on live television. He then pursued his second election, Molly Malaney. But why did Mesnick and Rycroft split so quickly after they reunited Bachelor Finale? Here is what happened next After the Last Rose.

Jason Mesnick chooses Melissa Rycroft over Molly Malaney in Season 13 ‘The Bachelor’

Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft in season 13 'The Bachelor'
Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft in ‘The Bachelor’ | KLITSCHER MATT through Getty Images

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in Bachelor Season 13, Mesnick chose Rycroft over Malaney. But after things ended with Malaney, he broke down completely.

“It hurts me so much when I know I’m breaking Molly ‘s heart,” Mesnick said at the time. “She is someone I could see myself with forever.”

However, Mesnick still proposed to Rycroft and she accepted.

“I got into this looking for someone just like you,” he said. “I said to myself early on that I do not know if I can ever say goodbye to you. You make me happier than I have ever been all my life. I have wanted to say something for a long time now. I’m totally e lovers with you “.

Jason Mesnick split with Melissa Rycroft in After After the Final Rose ‘

While the Mesnick season Bachelor ended up with a proposal, was never happier for Rycroft. Tall After the Last Rose special, Mesnick and Rycroft explode.

“Since it all ended, things have been different,” Mesnick said. “We have no right to each other … Since [filming the show], the chemistry has been completely different. “

The reality star also claimed he could not stop thinking about Malaney. So during the special, Mesnick asked his candidate if they could take the place where they had stayed. Then Mesnick and Malaney came back together.

How did Melissa Rycroft and Jason Mesnick really feel about their split in ‘The Bachelor’

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after Bachelor Season 13 ended, Rycroft and Mesnick confirmed that their relationship was not in the best place before After the Last Rose u filmua. Rycroft even revealed that the couple ended their romance before introducing specials.

“I knew it at night [of] After the Last Rose “I was not jumping,” Rycroft said The play Ellen DeGeneres in 2009. “We had already ended the relationship and it was mutual.”

That said, Rycroft was left humiliated because she did not know about his feelings for Malaney.

“I did not expect him to be like, ‘Oh, yes, peace.’ I have feelings for Molly, I’m been talking to her and I’ve been watching her, “Rycroft told Us Weekly in 2017.” That was when I was humiliated. You could have warned at least one bird before it came out. here. “

Meanwhile, claimed Mesnick Bachelor the manufacturers did not want him to tell Rycroft about Malaney. In 2017, he told The Huffington Post:

We had exploded before all this. But the only thing [the producers] had asked me not to do was not to mention anything about Molly. And so I did not do it. I never told Melissa about my feelings for Molly. Melissa and I just got to know each other. It had been only a few weeks since we had filmed, about six weeks. If I had listened to my gut and heart, I would never have heard of any manufacturer.

Are friends Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft now?

Check out this post on Instagram

Please be kind to us tonight… Listen, nothing about it was ideal, I think we can all agree on that. But it does not change the fact that the result was inevitable. People always ask, “Are you still crazy about them?” Why? Why would I be (First… .I was never crazy at all….). But, over a decade later, we are both married, we both have beautiful families, so why stay upset? We all moved out of the situation so long ago that I had to reset it again it almost feels like watching other people go through it! Therefore please be kind. Jason and Molly are great people who have created a beautiful life together. And I’m right where I should have been … and who I was meant to be. None of us are angry, none of us hold a grudge, and surprisingly none of us regret it because look where it took us! We could have come out if it was all a little fried, but it made us all so much stronger! However, feel free to enjoy the awful fashion (lots of satin, hair poufs, and of course the infamous scarf / best tank combination… ..) and the awful trends (barely eye-catching, and over UV exposed skin …) !! I think we can all agree, which is the most embarrassing thing that comes out of all this…. !!

A post shared by Melissa Rycroft Strickland (@melrystrick) at

Now, Mesnick and Malaney are married with two children. Rycroft also got a happy ending with Tye Strickland and their three children. Although it does not seem that Mesnick and Rycroft are friends today. In an interview with Us Weekly published in 2016, Rycroft revealed that she has not spoken to Mesnick since their split Bachelor.

“I’ve not talked to him since the day I left that stage,” Rycroft said. “What it is, it was an explosion. There really was no reason to talk.”

She later added, “We went our instructions. I do not think we wish each other any bad wishes. We just moved on.”

Check out this post on Instagram

In recent weeks, I have been shouting at the incredible friends we have made during our time at #Bachelornation. With our episode airing tonight, it would be easy for me to post how grateful I am on this show, it takes me to Jason & You, it brought Riley into our lives, it allowed me to travel the world, blah, blah, blah po .you all know that. . Today – I am dedicating my post to @melrystrick. I dare to google my name and find an article about me that does not mention Melissa’s name. Then do the opposite. Actually … I would save you time. An item like that does not exist. Our names have always been synonymous, but I’m here to tell you that Melissa Rycroft is sooooo much more than – what they like to say – “a jilted woman”! . One of the PAR ladies I met on the show was Melissa. She was in my lemon, with 3 other gals, so we tried that trip first towards the Bachelor house together. When we moved home, I shared a room with 4 other ladies, and guess whose bed was next to me me .Melissa! We spent a lot of time together, and I can tell you, her personality is infectious! She is funny, charismatic, falls very gorgeous, and among all other things, is smart. . Things got a little messy in the middle (as we all know and will do, unfortunately, tonight), but Melissa… .He got a scary situation and turned it into a serious lemonade! DWTS (x’s 2!), A long DECADE career in media and host, she married her beloved heart for a long time, has 3 beautiful kiddos! . Life happens in weird ways and it does not always look beautiful, but I know Melissa will be the first to mean that she is exactly where she wants to be. I feel lucky to have met Melissa. We went through something together that no one else has experienced (well … we said that before the last few seasons) He shaped us, changed us and made us the people we are today and THA, my friends, why I am grateful that I have gone through this experience. . Enjoyed viewing ❤️

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Regardless, Rycroft and Malaney still look supportive of each other. In an Instagram post ahead Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever, Rycroft found that there is no reason to be upset about what happened in 2009.

“Please be good,” Rycroft wrote. “Jason and Molly are great people who have created a beautiful life together. And I’m right where I needed to be … and who I was meant to be with.”

Then in a post of hers, Malaney celebrated Rycroft.

“Life happens in strange ways and it does not always look beautiful. But I know Melissa will be the first to mean that she is exactly where she wants to be,” she wrote on Instagram. “I feel lucky to have met Melissa. We have traversed something together that no one else has ever experienced. “

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