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With so many hot records falling 100, Here are 14 that have continued to hold strong

With the era of transmission continues to accelerate the rate at which billboard Achievements in the chart have not been noticed, the past years have seen a number of prestigious and long Billboard Hot 100 records broken.

Mariah Carey and Boyz II for “A Sweet Day” for men, which held for more than two decades as the Hot 100 No.1 with the longest supervision after spending 16 weeks at the top in 1995-96, was tied in 2017 by Daddy Yankee Bieber’s Luis Fonsi and Justin-presents “Despacito” – and then spent the past year from Bill Nas Ray X’s 19-week reign of Lil Nas X Surgery with “Old Town Road”. After standing alone for 55 years, the Beatles joined Ariana Grande in early 201

9 as the only artists to occupy the top three Hot 100 spots simultaneously. And of course, Drake has been a wrecked crew with a record book with a man cheer Mark of Cast for a total of Hot 100 hits (207; he is now up to 224) in April, lowering Madonna’s record for top 10 hits (38; he is now up to 40) in July.

Even with all this circulation in the Hot 100 archives of all time, there are still many records that have gone unmatched for many years – many decades, in many cases. Here are the 12 hottest 100 recordings that have yet to be tied or beaten in the last 10 years.

100 Hot 1 hottest: Beatles (20, record set in 1965)

From February 1964, when they topped the chart with “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” until June 1970, when they did so for the 20th and final time with “The Long, Winding Road,” Fab Four set the siege to Hot 100 like no artist before or since. It only took them a little over a year to break the previous record of seven Hot 100 No. 1 – held by Elvis Presley, though many of his biggest hits came before the Hot 100’s debut in 1958 – and they have held it for 55 years.

The 100 hottest 100 numbers of a solo artist: Mariah Carey (19, record set in 1999)

The closest challenger to The Beatles supremacy is arguably the most successful solo artist in Hot 100 history. Mariah Carey overtook Michael Jackson at the end of the last millennium with her 14th, Jay-Z-presents “Heartbreaker”, to become the solo artist with the most numbers 1 on the chart – a record which she has caught another top five charters over, after, most recently with the multi-year holiday holiday “All I Want For Christmas A” You are “finally climbing to No.1 at the end of 2019. (Rihanna stands today as the next closest artist, with 14 Hot 100 buyers for her credit.)

The most general weeks in Nr. 1 in the Hot 100: Mariah Carey (82, record set in 1999)

An all-time Hot 100 brand that Mariah Carey owns for both solo artists and bands is at the top of the charts: 82 weeks undoubtedly in its 19 numbers 1, adding more than a year and a half combined in position of the pole. Mariah also set this record in the late 20th century, spending the Beatles themselves and their 59 weeks on the chart. (Fab Four is passed by Rihanna and her 60 weeks total for the race place for this statistic.)

Most split runs at No.1 in the Hot 100 with the same single: Chubby Checker (two, record set in 1962)

Of the 1,107 No. 1s in Hot 100 history, there is still only one that peaked in two separate charts: Chubby Checker’s “Twist” – which climbed to No. 1 for a week in 1960, and then, after falling off the charts completely, returned for another two weeks in early 1962. For his two split trips to the top, she landed at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time at 60 -graphic anniversary in 2018.

Hoti’s 100 consecutive hits going to Nr. 1: Whitney Houston (seventh, record set in 1988)

Whitney Houston just could not miss the mid-1980s, getting into a graph that saw her send seven singles in a row – three from 1985 Whitney Houston album (“Saving all my love for you”, “How will I know”, “The greatest love of all”) and then four more from 1987 whitney (“I want to dance with someone [Who Loves Me], “” Do not we have almost all “,” So emotional “,” Where do broken hearts go “) in No. 1, before the number 5” Love will save the day “finally crossed the belt in ’88 She passed two bands that had previously seen six live – the Beatles from 1964 to 1966 and the Bee Gees from 1977 to 1979 – and could hold that record for quite some time, yet, given the much larger volume major of songs released and recorded by artists in 2020.

100 consecutive Hot 100 entry scoring top 10: Janet Jackson (18, record set in 1998)

After “The Pleasure Princle”, her sixth and final album on the chart outside the Breakout album control, peaked at No. 14 in the Hot 100, Janet Jackson continued with an absurd run of her next 18 Hot 100 entries (by The nation of rhythm leader “Miss You Too” in 1989 at Velvet rope“I Get Lonely” in 1998) all scoring the top 10. This surpassed Madonna’s record of 17 straight 10 hits from 1984 to 1989, and was only broken by Janet’s appearance in “Luv Me, Luv Me” Shaggy’s. peaked at No. 76 later that year. (As a lead artist, Janet will not miss the top 10 places until the 28-year-old 2001 issue of “Son of a Gun” [I Betcha Think This Song Is About You]. “)

Most of the points occupied in the top five of the Hot 100 by the same artist: Beatles (five, record set in 1964)
Maximum 100 No.1 of the same artist by the same artist: Beatles (three, record set in 1964)
100 Nr. Hottest 100 in a Calendar Year: The Beatles (six, record set in 1964)

The Beatles’ 1964, when they first arrived in America and started Beatlemania in earnest, remains the most historic calendar year for any artist in the Hot 100. The British Invaders became the first artist to replace themselves twice in a row above the chart (with “I want to hold your hand” giving way to “She Loves You”, which was handed to “I can not buy with love”). And while Ariana Grande did not match their simultaneous holding of the top three spots in 2019, no artist has yet matched their top five profession on April 4, 1964 (with “Can’t Buy Me Love “,” Twist and Shout, “” Love “,” Dora “and” Please Please “).

And then, of course, the brand of the group of No. 6 in the same calendar year – “Dora”, “Love”, “Buy”, “Love Me Do”, “A Hard Night” and “I Feel Good” “- remains largely unquestionable, with no other artist scoring more than four Hot 100 toppers in the same year in five and a half decades since.

The longest continuous stay by an artist at the top of the Hot 100: The Black Eyed Peas (26 weeks, record set in 2009)

As great as The Beatles’ 1964 was, their 14 consecutive weeks at the top of the chart with their first three singles number one reaching just over half the record set by The Black Eyed Peas 45 years later , when the band spent a full half-year straight at No. 1 with their back-to-back hits “Boom Boom Pow” (12 weeks) and “I Gotta Feeling” (14 weeks). They passed the 19-week mark set by Usher in 2004, and no other artist has scored more than 19 weeks in a row since that – which, of course, Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus did with “Old Town Road” in in 2019.

Successive years with a No. 100 hot hit: Mariah Carey (11, record set in 1997)

However, another point for Mariah in the Hot 100 record books came with her 1990 stretch (starting with her first single and first Hot 100-top, “Vision of Love”) until 2000 (ending with her 15th, “Thank God I Found You,” including Joe and 98 degrees), in which she had at least one No.1 in each calendar year. Her run broke the mark previously held by The Beatles (which marked No. 1 in seven consecutive years, from 1964 to 1970), and has not even come close since, with Rihanna coming out closer to five years its consecutive ranking in No. 1 from 2010 to 2014.

Successive years with a Top 100 Top 40 hit: Elton John (30, record set in 1991)

Rocket Man’s commercial viability was officially mixed as historic in 1991, when he scored a top 40 hit with the appearance of George Michael Michael’s Top 100 duet of his’ 70s hit “Don’t Let the Sun Stop Me”. That marked ’91 as the 22nd straight year he would reach 40th – dating back to his split with the ballad “Your Song” in 1970 – surpassing Elvis Presley’s Hot 100 record of 40 years. 21 straight years, established from 1958-78. John’s belt would last another eight years until 1999, making a 30, before 2000 to finally see the table no higher than No. 49 (with Road to El Dorado singular vocal “A day out of blue”).

The top five Hot 100 hits from the same album: Janet Jackson’s The nation of rhythm 1814 (seven, record set in 1990)

While Michael Jackson’s long record for 100 Hot 1 hottest from the same album (five, from 1987) bad) was eventually tied in the last decade by Katy Perry’s Teenage dream, sister Janet in the same historical way with seven of the top five hits from her 1989 LP The nation of rhythm 1814 – “Miss You Very Much”, “Rhythm Nation”, “Escapade”, “Alright”, “Come Return to Me”, “Cat Cat Black”, “Love Love Will Never Never (Without You)” – still stays tall. Teenage dream, and her first six hits, have come closest in decades since then.

Most weeks spent with a bachelor in Nr. 2 in Hot 100 without hitting No. 1: Foreigners (“Waiting for a Girl Like You”, 1981-1982) and Missy Elliott (“Work It Up”, 2002-2003), 10 weeks

For our long-term record, here is one that is a little more of a mixed blessing – but still a big difference in the Hot 100 history books. In the early 1980s, Foreigner spent 10 weeks at No. 2 with her ballad of the brilliant power of “Waiting for a Girl Like You,” stuck behind Olivia Newton-John’s “Physicist” and Hall & Oates “” I Can’t Go For It (No Can Do) “- an incomparable record for two decades, until Missy Elliott ran a similar length on the race track with her classic “Work It” banger, hosted by Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” show.Their mutual mark has stood the test of time – though threatened last year by “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, who spent nine weeks at No. 2 behind “Old Town Road” before eventually climbing to first place.

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