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WWE may be planning a major attack for one of the best matches in SummerSlam

A few weeks ago we noticed that there was a lot of attention given to Randy Orton winning the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam, so he could defend the title in a match against McIntyre at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 37 to giving McIntyre the big crowning in front of thousands of fans.

There is still time for WWE to understand things about Mania but based on what WrestlingNews.co was told by WWE sources, there are still conversations within the company about Orton coming out of SummerSlam with the title. If Orton wins, then he would have done so without help from Ric Flair, which would not make sense as it would not help McIntyre if Orton got a clean tip on it.

However, Bryan Alvarez showed something interesting on Wrestling Observer Live. Alvarez speculated (note: he did not report this as fact) that Flair̵

7;s corner on Monday night Raw could be a turning point when Flair was returning to SummerSlam to help Orton. Alvarez pointed out that we never saw Orton’s foot make contact with Flair’s head because the lights went out. Fans supposedly think the lights coming out were due to retaliation, but Alvarez speculated that Orton may have set things up for the lights to come out at the right time to make fans think he made contact with Flair’s head . Keep in mind that Orton punished Christian a few weeks ago even though he is not cleared for bumps. Orton was trusted to deliver the tip to Christian’s head without hurting him for real.

Alvarez said, “Why would Randy turn on Ric Flair now, compared to after the game with Drew McIntyre? If Drew McIntyre wins, Randy Orton returning to Ric Flair tomorrow is the best way to get his heat back and he can blame Ric Flair.There are a million things you can do.I think Randy Orton is beating Drew McIntyre.If Randy Orton is beating Drew McIntyre, look how hard they pushed Drew McIntyre.I think the way the only one who wins Randy is with help.I think this is a turnaround and that Ric Flair will come out in SummerSlam and he will help Randy Orton win the 14th World Title and they will have been in the cahoots and they are on their way to this gold they talked about. “

Alvarez continued: “Why do I say this? Because Randy Orton punished Christian a few weeks ago, right? Christian withdrew due to a head injury. Christian had a lot of shock and they will never clean it so he can again and you know what they are not sure they will not clean it – take a punch. So what they did, is a eavesdropping show and they shot it in such a way that Randy Orton’s foot was between the camera and Christian’s head. He was probably a foot away from Christian’s head but he did it and they edited in the sound effect and they shot him from the perfect angle and it looked like he punished the boy and killed him. Well, guess what, Ric Flair can’t get any corporal punishment either. It was a eavesdropping show, they could have used sound effects, they could have done the exact same thing, but no. Instead, Randy went for the punch and he started running and the lights went out and when they came back again, Ric Flair allegedly died. We do not know, as Zelina Vega asked, what evidence do you have as a viewer that Randy Orton actually punished Ric Flair? Zero proof. I think these two guys are working together and they supposedly wrote Ric Flair off stage but in SummerSlam, Flair will be back and he will stage Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton will take RKO him and win the title and they are all in connected. I hesitate to say this, but guess what, it all makes sense! But we will see what happens at SummerSlam. “

Alvarez said the lights going out can be easily explained and has nothing to do with Return. He speculated that Orton and Flair could have taken anyone from behind the scenes (e.g. “Frank Janitori”) to turn the lights on at the right time.

The label line for SummerSlam is “You’ll never see him coming”, so that means there will be something done on the show to shock the fans, so we’ll see if this or something else shocking happens on the show.

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