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Xbox Phil Spencer on Halo Endless Delay, How game play matters to Xbox Series X

With the announcement of the Halo Infinite delay in 2021 earlier this week came the assurance that the Xbox Series X console is still set for the holidays, specifically in November, the global launch. And Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has elaborated on the tough call to delay the Xbox shipping game, and why the company did not consider it an amazing release for it. the team had several possible options on the table when delays came, he wanted to make the decision that would have “the best goal, in the long run, for our fans and our platform”.“We made the decision late last week. And I say ‘we’ – Bonnie Ross, who runs 343, Matt Booty, who runs our studio front-end organization, and I myself. And they came up with some options, things we could do, maybe part of the game we could send them on the given dates.I just did not feel, for all of us, like the Halo release we would like.So in the end, I “I make the call based on the information they present. I make a call, as I said, in the hope that the best goal, in the long run, is for our fans and our platform.”

And so, while Halo Infinite multiplayer is still set for free to play, Spencer and his team rejected the idea of ​​releasing him and other Infinite pieces at separate points, but Spencer believed this was the right call for fans. , Xbox, developers, and the Halo franchise.

“So when we looked at where we were, and the team trajectory it was honestly and rather effort and emotion that 343 [Industries] is putting him in the game, and making sure we want to be able to get the game out and give up and have a healthy team after that, that was the decision we made. And I will apologize to the fans because I never like to set expectations and not hit them, but I also believe we are making the right decision in the long run, both for Xbox and Halo, and for our customers , “he said.

Spencer added that the final decision to post the news was about a 24-hour turnaround, noting that in part the urgency comes from how many factors enter the start of the new entry of such a large franchise – not just for the Xbox, but for many of its partners, too.

Confirmed Xbox Series X Games

“One of the things that pushed us is, when you’re sending a game like Halo, it’s not just a solo release – we have a lot of partners and marketing promotions out there, and you want to be respectful of your partners by giving give them a head start so they can plan their deadlines for the things they are doing along with starting the game, which is also part of the contribution, “he said.” But in reality, when we “We know we know – let ‘s make the decision, let’ s make it, so we’re talking to our fans, and being as transparent as we can be.”

In terms of how this affects the wider launch of the Xbox Series X, Spencer noted that the company is really investing in the value that the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X offer together for gamers.“Our investment in the Game Pass and that portfolio continues to be strong. We’ve got some better announcements, really great announcements, strong to come about things to come in the Game Pass,” he said. “I think what you will see from us about throwing the keyboard, honestly, will not change much because you would hear a lot about the keyboard and a lot about the Game Pass and how we think those two things together are a real proposition of a great value for players who go to the next generation “.

You can watch the full interview with Spencer in the latest episode of Animal Talking, which also features Lisa Loeb and Dylan Sprouse.

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