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You are twice as likely to catch COVID if you are at this altitude, says Research

From your blood type to the composition of your immune system to the length of your ring finger, there have been many recent studies that have linked several genetic and physical traits to an increased susceptibility to coronavirus. But a recent study may have made a new discovery about what might increase your risk of catching coronavirus: your height. The study shows that being over six feet tall can make you twice as likely to catch COVID-19.

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The report from the University of Manchester, which has not yet been reviewed by peers, comes from a study of 2,000 people in the US and the UK. coronavirus transmission predictors – and they found a link between altitude and coronavirus. “Being taller than doubled the chance of getting a COVID-19 medical diagnosis or a positive test for people over 6 meters,” the report said.

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And while the findings may seem to indicate a physiological link at first, the researchers actually say that this evidence supports the idea that COVID-19 is air.

The team behind the survey, which is based in the UK, US and Norway, says their findings seem to provide more food for the idea that the coronavirus could spread through the air. The droplets – which are larger and heavier than aerosolized particles – tend to fall to the ground quickly rather than extend into the air. Therefore, researchers note that these points may not be responsible for the higher rate of infection in tall people, telegraph notes. According to the findings, the only explanation is that aerosolized particles that stay in the air are responsible for the spread of the new coronavirus to those that stay longer than the average person.

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“The results of this survey in terms of correlations between altitude and diagnosis suggest that drop point transfer is not the only transmission mechanism and aerosol transmission is possible,” Evan Kontopantelis, PhD, from the University of Manchester, said in a statement. “Although social distance is still important because point-to-point transmission can still occur, he suggests that wearing masks may be just as ineffective in prevention. But also indoor air purification needs to be further investigated. “.

While data scientists are confident in their findings, they hope their research will spark discussions toward finding out more about how COVID-19 spreads. And for more on how COVID affects some people and not others, see Why You Can Actually Be Safe from KVIDHI, says New Study.

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